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An International Wedding in Stockholm

A love story that takes you across continents as we dive into the extraordinary tale of Johanna from Sweden and Max from Luxembourg. Their epic International Wedding in Stockholm unfolded against the breathtaking backdrop of the beautiful Archipelago, and it was a day to remember. Picture this romantic day at the beautiful Högberga Gård, a venue known for its charm and natural beauty. Johanna and Max came together for a celebration that spanned continents.

The excitement and love filled the air at Högberga Gård, where the festivities kicked off. Guests embarked on a journey to the historic Hedvig Eleonora kyrka, where the ceremony, a special moment of unity, would unfold. Following the ceremony, the festivities carried on with a delightful stroll along the scenic Strandvägen. This led to an enchanting transition onto the renowned steamship Motala Express, headed towards Högberga Gård in Lidingö. This maritime adventure, framed by the picturesque archipelago, embodied the couple’s journey into a lifetime of joy and happiness.

Sweden’s Top Wedding Vendors

Guiding this love symphony were some of Sweden’s top wedding vendors. The mastermind behind it all was Mariella Rietschel & team @weddingplannerstockholm (, ensuring every detail was perfect. The chosen venue, @hogberga_gard (, became the canvas for their love story, complemented by beautiful bouquets from @floristkompaniet ( Making sure the couple looked stunning, the talented @mia_hogfeldt ( worked her magic as the Hair and Makeup Artist. Every precious moment of this extraordinary day was captured by Kate @kategaborphotography ( and the emotions were immortalized by Karim Kerrou @kerrouphotography ( The celebration peaked with the electrifying tunes of @basco_brothers (, creating an atmosphere of joy and happiness.

Love that Knows no Borders

With guests from around the world, Johanna and Max’s wedding became a true international affair, a testament to the universal power of love that knows no borders. Ready to dive into their love story? 🌟#Wedding in Stockholm #InternationalWedding #LoveWithoutBorders