My StoryHello, I’m Karim Kerrou@Kerrouphotography

My work is to capture all the love and beauty that YOU are creating!

Karim Kerrou

Family & Wedding Photographer Videographer

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Hi there!

My name is Karim Kerrou, and I’m a photographer and video producer based in Sweden. I’m an incurable romantic, a passionate storyteller who believes in all seriousness that love is the most important thing we have in life! Family relations are my passion—they are what makes us human. And when it comes to weddings, well, you only get to do it once, right? I want to make sure you have the best, reliable service available. Using my long experience, technical and social skills, I will work hard to ensure that your wedding is everything you dreamed of—and more!

I look for the subtleties that can be read between the lines. I want to document your uniqueness under the right light:

The small gestures, the sparkle in your eyes when you look at each other, the loud laughter of your children or the tears of your father on your wedding day.

It all started with a love story!

Love brought me to Sweden back in 1999 and I’m today the lucky father of two wonderful & inspiring children that mean the whole world to me. My family and friends say that my biggest weakness is that I’m too much of a perfectionist! I see my weakness as an essential ingredient that boosts my creativity. It helps me focus on the smaller details that makes all the difference seen in the final results.

I speak 5 languages but I’d rather say it with an image

My photography has been described as artistic, romantic, genuine, memorable, cinematic. After every session I make sure to thoroughly enhance the experience by working on every photo and highlighting all the details you’ve been long working on.

I’m half an hour away to the next flight from Arlanda/Stockholm to your destination! Contact me now and book me for your wedding or your family session. No session is too small or too big, I love them all!

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