Family photography and wedding photography for me, are so similar!

They are both about genuine love, authentic moments, candid situations, laughter and tears.
By family, I mean a maternity session, a confirmation, a family’s portrait session or a golden anniversary session….
Upon booking a session, we will you and I, get to know each other, meet if possible or converse via mail, phone, skype…
We’ll decide about a location:
Some place that inspires you, that’s beautiful or just comfortable.

It could be at your place, a beautiful beach or in the schoolyard you grew up playing in!
We’ll decide a time, whether it’s a wonderful, golden hour, a snowy day or a tropical night, everything works!
We’ll talk cloths and preps, what works best for you? do you need a make up and hair stylist?
During our session, I will direct you, not necessarily pose you! It’s mostly about your interaction with your loved ones